Introducing IOP’s Environmental Research: Energy

I’m very excited that IOP is launching a new open-access journal Environmental Research: Energy and happy to play a role on the Editorial Board. Submit your best work to EREN and expect the same high quality editorial process that you receive from the other IOP journals.

Journal Scope:

Environmental Research: Energy is a multidisciplinary, open access journal devoted to addressing important challenges associated with energy in a way that bridges efforts relating to impact/future risks, resilience, mitigation, adaptation, security and solutions in the broadest sense.

As the energy sector transitions to zero-carbon, addressing climate issues while providing affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy to all will become a key challenge that requires novel solutions. Environmental Research: Energy is committed to publishing research to this cause on topics including (but not limited to):

  • Energy demand and efficiency
  • Energy models and economics
  • Energy policy
  • Energy security
  • Energy systems analysis
  • Energy systems in developed and developing nations
  • Energy technologies
  • Macro-energy systems
  • Renewable and sustainable energy systems
  • Smart energy systems (including machine learning and AI)
  • Smart grid and low-carbon energy systems

Environmental Research: Energy is looking to appeal to research scientists, economists, engineers, and social scientists who are working towards access to clean and affordable energy for all.