Winter 2017 courses:

NRE501 – Renewable Electricity & the Grid

The objective of this course is to aide professional students in the development of skills, practical tools, and a knowledge base useful for careers in the energy sector, spanning project development, utilities, research, government, and environmental non-profits. This course will build an understanding of the technical, economic, and policy issues related to renewable electricity development and grid integration. Projects and problem sets will be structured from the point of view of various stakeholders and intended to introduce skills and concepts that environmental professionals employ.   Upon completion of this course, students will have the ability to critically evaluate options for generation development and policies which impact the power sector.

The course will be structured to cover the following: Renewable generating technologies; renewable markets, incentives, and regulations; emissions controls; grid operations and renewable integration; generation project development

NRE550/STRATEGY566: Systems Thinking for Sustainable Development and Enterprise

  • Students will develop critical skills in global systems thinking, with global defined as relating to the entire world, as well as embracing all considerations of complex systems.
  • Students will develop skills in system dynamics modeling using STELLA software.
  • Students will develop awareness in issues related to global environmental and social change.
  • Students will build an understanding of sustainable human development and enterprise


Maple Ride Wind Farm in Lowville, New York photo credit: Michelene Johnson

Maple Ridge Wind Farm in Lowville, New York
photo credit: Michelene Johnson